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Teeth Whitening Etobicoke Back

Teeth can become darker overtime due to various factors such as advancing age, consumption of some types of food or drinks or use of tobacco. Laser teeth whitening is a highly effective way to whiten your teeth. Iris Dental Group offers best laser teeth whitening and zoom teeth whitening in Etobicoke at affordable price.

Different options are available for people who wish to whiten the teeth and brighten the smile.


For the purpose of whitening the teeth, peroxide-based bleaching agents are primarily used. Keep in mind that all types of teeth discolorations may not respond to these treatments and may not provide desired result. Your dentist can help you in identifying the cause of discoloration and the best suited procedure that will give you the best possible results.

Peroxide bleaching which is also known as vital bleaching can be very effective if tooth discoloration is mostly due to tobacco, certain foods or the aging process. It works best on natural, real teeth compared to on crowns, bridges, or any other dental work.

The bleaching process can be completed in three ways. Firstly, as an in-office procedure, the whitening agent is applied to the affected teeth and then heat is used to make it work. Another way is to brush the teeth with toothpaste in which bleach is added. Finally, you can wear a mouth guard that is filled with bleach for a certain period of time.

If the discoloration is due to ‘non-living’ / dead teeth, non-vital bleaching is carried out by your dentist. A hole is drilled to insert the whitening agent directly inside the tooth so that it can whiten the tooth from the inside. Once the desired white color is obtained, the hole is sealed with white filling material.

Surface Whiteners

The surface whiteners are, primarily tooth pastes or chewing gums which contain special abrasives. These abrasives help to remove the surface stains when effectively used and hence improve the color of teeth. The abrasives are fine and harmless to the teeth enamel. However, its effectiveness is only superficial and should be supplement by periodic professional cleaning of teeth by your dentist