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Digital xrays Back

Radiographic imaging is an integral element in examination, diagnosis, documentation and treatment planning at any dental practice. X-rays are used routinely to assess the condition of tooth supporting bone, to detect dental decay, abscess, impacted wisdom teeth, cyst or even tumors which are not detectable by clinical examination. Thus the radiographs assist the dentist in diagnosing the dental diseases and providing more precise treatment to their patients.

Keeping pace with advancing technology, we at Iris Dental offices, provide extended patient services by means of to digital radiography. Digital radiography is safer for the patient and clinicians as it uses less radiation than traditional x-ray films. There is no need of processing the image and instantly image can be viewed on a computer or operatory TV screen by the clinician and patients. Therefore it saves the time and allows a better patient clinician discussion on the issues noted in the images and the possible treatment strategies. Another added advantage is that, digital images can easily be shared with insurance companies or referral partners.