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Dental Implants Mississauga Back

Dental implant can be a right choice for replacement of missing tooth /teeth, if you are in good general health with healthy gums and good amount of bone material in the jaw bone to hold the implant. A dental implant replaces the entire tooth including the root. The artificial root made of titanium metal which is inserted into the jawbone acts as an anchor to hold the crown replacing the missing tooth.

Receiving a dental implant is quite a complicated procedure. You must be prepared for a high number of visits to your dentist and also keep in mind that the cost associated with such a procedure is significantly higher than other tooth replacement options.

When getting a dental implant, your dentist will first place a metal post into your jawbone. Once this bonds with the bone around it, it will be used as an anchor for any false teeth to be held in place.

Although dental implants more closely resemble real teeth compared to other false teeth, they are not as strong as real natural teeth and one must be extremely careful while caring for them.