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Dental Bridges & Dentures Mississauga Back

It is vital to replace a lost tooth as soon as possible; otherwise, the adjacent teeth tend to ‘fall into’ the space created by the lost tooth/teeth and cause disturbance in bite, discomfort while eating and further consequences. Moreover, missing teeth in front part of the jaw can be unsightly and embarrassing.

Bridges or dentures are used by dentists when they have to replace the lost tooth/teeth.


Bridges are excellent option, if only one or a couple of teeth need to be replaced. Bridge is a permanent fixture which is fixed to the healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth (abutment teeth). These teeth need to be shaped to receive a crown over it.

A bridge has two parts i.e. false tooth known as pontic tooth and crown on either side which will be cemented on to the abutment teeth. These will last about ten years, if properly cared for.


Dentures are false removable teeth that are used to replace the missing teeth and can be partial, or complete.

A partial denture includes one or more crafted teeth that are prepared to fit in the missing tooth space between healthy teeth, and they are made to stay in place using metal clasps. These are removable so they can be taken out at night and for cleaning purposes.

A full denture is a full set of false teeth, which is used when all of your real teeth have already been lost or removed. The full denture is removable and must be kept clean. You need to follow the given instructions to ensure proper care and longevity of your denture :

  • Keep your denture absolutely clean to prevent plaque build-up and gum disease.
  • Clean your mouth after removing the denture each night with a soft toothbrush or damp cloth.
  • Soak your denture every night using the special cleanser provided.
  • Visit your dentist regularly to maintain oral care and prevent further issues.