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Tuesday, Nov 22,2016
WISDOM TEETH - Is it wiser to get it removed?

WISDOM TEETH - Is it wiser to get it removed?

Is your dentist taking away your wisdom when he/she pulls out your wisdom teeth?
If you think so… it’s wrong…Your wisdom teeth will not take your wisdom along, when they are removed!!!...

       The last molars in your upper and lower jaw are ‘courteously’ called the wisdom teeth, as they appear generally in the late teens or early 20s, after a person reaches adulthood and supposed to have gained some wisdom in their lives. Indeed the wisdom teeth have nothing to do with the level of wisdom that a person possesses.
       Unfortunately the wisdom teeth are troublemakers in most people and create a situation that necessitates their removal. Only rarely, the third molars erupt properly occupying their expected position. Rather in many, there will not be sufficient room for them to come out fully. So they may remain fully or partly within the jaw bone/gums. This condition is referred to as impacted wisdom teeth.
      When the wisdom teeth are only partly emerged, food particles and bacteria can enter the gum covering these teeth, eventually causing infection, pain and swelling and difficulty in opening your mouth. When you consult your dentist with such a problem, he/she diagnose it as pericoronitis. You may probably get temporary relief from the symptoms with medications; however pericoronitis remains as a perennial problem till you get the associated tooth removed.
      The teeth that are deeply imbedded in the bone may not trouble you, but in rare instances, a cyst or a tumor may develop in connection with them, which ultimately requires complicated surgical procedures.
                   It is highly unpredictable, when, where and in whom the wisdom tooth turns to be a foe and starts creating nuisance. 

                   But mostly for sure…. one day … will happen and unfortunately ……perhaps at an inconvenient time.
Furthermore, treating an infected third molar is more time consuming and expensive with some more risks added to it.

         Visit us at Iris Dental Office to get an expert opinion regarding your wisdom teeth. With the help of an X-ray, your dentist can help you decide whether it is wiser to keep or extract them. If your wisdom teeth are in an unfavorable position, the prophylactic removal is often suggested to prevent impending problems such as infection, decay, harmful effect on adjacent teeth, cysts or tumors.

So…..Isn’t it wiser to consult your dentist at the earliest and get your wisdom teeth removed (if indicated) before they get  a chance to bother you.