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Tuesday, Oct 25,2016
Halloween and Dental Health

You must be ready for a ‘sweet’ Halloween….
                                         What about your teeth???.....

Its Halloween once again…Time of trick or treating….Indeed a happy time for kids as well as adults…
Tons of candies around… lots of fun everywhere… special costumes and jack-o'-lanterns…..

      But….      Is it a happy time for your teeth… your little one’s teeth?
Have you ever thought about it?

Yes, the candies can be harmful to dental health.  In fact you are treating the cavity causing bacteria with your sweet candies; they too enjoy Halloween with you; but in return all they give you are dental decay and toothache.

 How can we optimize the Halloween fun without compromising oral health?  

  •  Ensure good oral hygiene to minimize the  harmful bacteria in your mouth
  • Strengthen your teeth
  •  Do not feed the bacteria with plentiful sweets

Don’t worry, at Iris Dental Office,  we can help you ensure your  enjoyment….without a fright  of having a  tooth ache on Halloween night.

Make a visit to your dentist before this Halloween….. for:

  • A thorough professional cleaning of your teeth to reduce the load of harmful bacteria in your mouth
  • Fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth against the ‘sweet’ attack.
  • Sealing of pits and fissures on your teeth to block the weak spots and prevent dental decay
  • Filling of the decayed teeth if any to prevent sweets entrapment in the existing cavities which can lead to tooth ache and further complications.

A dental check up after Halloween ….

  •  To ensure that your oral health is resumed to normal after the heavy load of sweets.
  •  To treat any new decay spots

Besides, elders  can treat the kids with sugar free, non-sticky sweets, encourage them to wash their mouths  after eating candy and make sure that they follow routine oral hygiene measures i.e. brushing twice a day(morning and at bed time) and flossing.

Let us not ruin the kid’s fun by refusing sweets, rather prepare them to reduce the hazard...........Let us have a fun filled Halloween ….not ‘tooth decay filled’ Halloween……

                                     Happy Halloween from Iris Dental Group… Have Lot of fun….